Sure•Grip Aspirator Syringe Control

Inspiration & Motivation

We innovate Medical Devices to improve lives.


Fillers haven't been "Dermal" for over a decade.

Fillers go deep, where big blood vessels live and die.

Mission Statement 


Innovation can be expensive.

One new market created may mean a costly abandonment loss for another.

User benefits may be sidestepped along the way.

Our goal is to drive forward with our focus on improvement and innovation of processes.


Our Values

Our Products are our Customers' Solutions

Every Product Meets Multiple Solutions

Flexibility and Empowerment 


What to keep and what to let go of...

We learn to hold on to things with a Grip.

Yet, standard syringes abandon this so completely, aspiration is awkward...

Gun fashioned syringes undo the advantages of syringe control as we have come to enjoy them:

Visibility, Micro Management of Volumes, Pen-Point Control.

Quality and Safety  -  No Exceptions

With over 20 years experience training in the use of aesthetic dermal and soft tissue injectables, our journey began with the Aesthetic Patient and Practitioner concerns. But we rapidly realized when we stopped and looked around that any patient, and any needle, can benefit from our know-how and experience.




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